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Organic Certification

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Organic Certification is your guarantee of food purity. Always choose "certified" organics - know that what you eat is pure food, uncontaminated with chemicals, GMOs and toxins.

The Organic Certification system was established so that quality standards could be applied to organic food to protec the consumer. Farmers are required to be audited and soil samples tested, to ensure that their farming operation is run according to accepted organic standards. This guarantees the food produced is free of insecticides, pesticides and other atifical toxins, and free of untested GMOs, and that the farming practice excludes the use of artificial fertilizers and other chemicals that degrade the soil, threaten bees and harm our ecosystems. Organic farming is therefore a sustainable form of farming with minimal impact on the enviroment, water tables and biodiversity. By buying organic you are supporting this sustainable form of farming and ensuring a healthier planet and healthier people.

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Australian Organic Network Pty Ltd

Australian Organic Network Pty Ltd is a certified organic food specialist, offering a wide range of wholesale bulk and packaged Australian grown and imported certified organic foods.

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